How to start saving and stop wasting money

If you really want to travel, make it work!

How to start saving and stop wasting money

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Changing my habits and saving money was one of the hardest things I ever did. I was addicted to shopping. Addicted to going out for dinners and drinks. Addicted to spending money. But I had my goal, I wanted to travel the world and I was willing to give up my comfy life for that. Again, if you really want it, you can make it work! But you need to do something for it…This is how I did it and the secret that travelling it is not so expensive as you may think…



If you watch a lot of tv, get another job. If you have too much spare time, get another job. Try to earn as much as possible. The more you earn the more you have to spent later. But this is not the most important and everyone knows how to do this. It’s more important that you stop wasting money. Since I knew I wanted to travel I stopped buying stuff I don’t need. I don’t needed those expensive jeans, that sexy dress, another bikini (Okay that bikini, yes you need bikini’s) But especially if you’re really close to your departure date you can ask yourself the question “Does it fit in my backpack?” No, then don’t buy it. Easy.


I stopped going out for dinner and instead I only bought groceries who were that day for sale. I know it’s tempting if friends ask if you want to join for dinner… But that’s at least 25 euro, I can sleep 5 days for that in Thailand or Guatemala. It depends how dedicated you are, how long you need to save. I sacrificed in so many ways, but I was amazed how much I was able to save in one year. And I know I am lucky enough to be a European and I had a good paying job. Maybe you need to save up 3 years or even 10. But you know what? If you really want it, don’t give up! Even if it takes time to realise your dream. The time will pass anyway. Give yourself no option but your dream.


When I knew I was going away for a long time I went through all my stuff, wondering why I bought these things. There were clothes in my wardrobe I never wore before, the tags were still on there! I made a list of what I owned and didn’t need anymore and sent it to my friends and family and sold it. I made a couple of hundred euros what was not bad for stuff I didn’t need anymore and you know what!? I don’t miss it. Not one day. In extreme cases, and also I my case this involved selling your house. That may sound insane and may be completely unreasonable for you, especially if you have a family. If so, then rent it out. After I got rid of the house, I rented a shared house and paid 350 euro inclusive. Because why be miserable and financially stuck in a house when you can be happy and free in an apartment?


And.. It’s entirely possible to travel the world with far less money than you might think and certainly less money than the media will lead you to believe. Everybody travels differently, and everybody needs a certain amount of money to travel, traveling is not free. Cheap yes, but not free. One of my best friends has been travelling for almost as long as I and she is always in debt. In my experience 8000 – 10000 EUR is a good amount for one year traveling. But seriously, you can do it with half of the money. And you can make or save money while you’re travelling too. It’s really hard to say how much accommodation or a meal costs because it varies a lot from country to country but here an rough idea of how much stuff costs:

Australia/ Western Europe

Daily budget: $25-$60

Accommodation: $15-35

Budget meal: $7-$20

Beer: $4-$10

South East Asia

Daily budget: $15-$25

Accommodation: $5-15

Budget meal: $2-$5

Beer: $0,50-$2

Central/ South America

Daily budget: $15-$35

Accommodation: $5-20

Budget meal: $4-$10

Beer: $1-$4


It took me a while to learn how to travel on a small budget. But once you figure it out, you will see how little you need to live and travel. It takes practice to live frugally and you might have to start getting used to it while you’re still at home. Once I knew I wanted to travel the world, it completely changed my values. That’s one of the best things that traveling has taught me. Check out my TIPS & TRICKS page for ways to save money. .


If you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.


  1. Iris

    LOL, the beer-prices made me grin big. I´ve been travelling for 6 and 7 months, but with my partner and a car to sleep in. Wonderful times…

    • Maartje

      Aaaaww amazing! If I ever find the right one, I also wanna travel around in a van! Forever! 😉


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