How to quit your job to travel the world

The reactions, the lovers and the haters..

How to quit your job to travel the world

by | Mar 1, 2016 | Inspiration | 11 comments

You would maybe never imagine if you see me now walking barefoot, no make up, salty hair, not giving a f*ck.. but I’ve always been the type that wanted to move up the corporate ladder, to manage people and be an executive in a suit high up on the totem poll. If my manager asked me where I wanted to be in a couple of years I always answered with, “I wanna sit in your chair”. But things changed.

You already figured out that you wanna travel the world, that this is it, you made the decision and you saved shit loads of money. Now it’s time to quit your job.


I made an appointment with my director and he kinda knew what was going on. I mean I could not NOT talk about it anymore. He said you either want to quit your job, or you want to travel. I wanted to do both. He even offered to take a year sabbatical. But I was sure, I wanted to quit, I didn’t want to have anything to come back for. I choose freedom. By lunch, the news has spread around my team. Most of them were so confused, they awkwardly avoided talking to me and some didn’t even say goodbye. I imagine they believed I just flushed my future down the toilet and part of me believed the same.


When I told people about my grand plan (giving up my life and pay check to travel the world), not everyone was stoked. There were different reactions. People were envy, they had fear for my well-being or were just totally disinterested. Questions I heard were; “What if you get sick?”, “Is it not dangerous?”, “Lonely?!”, “What about terrorists?”, “What will you do when you come back home?”, “Who would ever hire you again?!” It’s hard and not easy. Not everyone will be interested in where you want to go and what you want to do. Making a life change like this is so far outside the realm of some peoples’ realities. Tip, Focus your energy on the people who are as excited for your adventure as you are, and never mind the haters.


Aaw how much I loved my job and the opportunities they gave me. When I had to give my car, my IPhone and my Laptop back I realised how materialistic I’ve become, how materialistic the entire society has become. How could I survive without those things? Luckily I only had 6 days left before my flight. Before I was going to live out of my backpack..


I’m sure if your job is your passion, you will always be good in it and find something. Maybe not in the same company, maybe not in the same country but you’ll get it back. And if not, if you struggle finding a new job, do you think you would regret that you traveled the world? I don’t think so.


Don’t worry too much about the future, you’re going to miss the present. The time is now. Never worry about things that haven’t happened yet. Waste of time. You have to learn to relax. Worrying is using your imagination to create things you don’t want. You don’t need to create backup plans, I mean how many times in your life have you actually needed them?

If you have read all the 4 steps i’m impressed, and pretty sure you don’t need any more convincing to quit your job. Plan your trip, start packing, buy your ticket and hit the road. If you’re still not sure, stay tuned for my next blog posts, ask questions, leave me a comment. Always remember that your cubicle will still be there when you get back (if you still want it). Life will go on just fine without you. I never met a person who regret they left their job to travel the world. Now compare that to how you would feel if you didn’t go..


Go and see the world, I'll help you!


  1. travelgurlz

    I love your blog! But you have saved enough money to travel 4 years ?

    • Maartje

      Thank you!! 🙂
      And I did save a lot of money, but I also work along the way and I live really cheap….

  2. Vivian

    This is awesome. I’m so stoked to get started!! 😀 But I’m so worried about leaving my job because they depend on me so much D: Luckily my boyfriend is on board with me and we will be leaving together. He has no problem leaving his job. But I still need to grow the balls to do it! I keep procrastinating 🙁

    • Maartje

      Hi Vivian, I know how you feel… I was also worried about leaving because there were clients depending on me… But were they really?! The world will keep on spinning, with or without you. Choose for yourself, do what makes you happy! Tell them you want to quit, give them notice! I wanted to work as long as what was necessary. But in the end it only took 1 month…
      Quit if you want to travel! Do you think you would regret that you quit your job, that you traveled the world? I don’t think so! 😉
      It was my best decision ever! Look at what I’ve done the last 4 years! Living the life!
      Good luck!

      • Vivian

        Maarje!!!!! Guess WHAT!!!! We leave November 27th!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. First stop London!!!

  3. Laura

    I’ve been reading loads of travel blogs and stumbled across yours today. Something got me hooked and I read a lot of your articles today. I can really relate to the feeling of wondering what else..
    I’d like to ask though, I find myself in a similar situation, especially with a long term relationship. He says he has the same dreams, but he doesn’t express the desire to as much as me and will always put his career before it. How difficult was it to break off your relationship to travel, was it serious, do you still keep in touch?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Maartje

      I’m so sorry Laura for the late reply I looked over this one… :/
      It is not easy to break a relationship, especially a long term one… BUT it is your life, if you feel like you want to travel… Do it! Please… Don’t have the regret later that you didn’t go! When I was in doubt I went for 6 weeks to CR and Panama by myself and from that moment I knew it, I wanted to travel the world… Maybe do the same, try it first!
      Or convince him to go with you! Hope you sort it out, if you haven’t already ( 😉 )

  4. Emma Destler

    You’re so brave for making this decision! I wish I would’ve done that before getting children, lol.

    • Maartje

      I see people with kids on the road! Or… Maybe when they’re old enough, you can always go, never too late! 🙂

  5. atuhairwe

    Am in lov with this ste

    • Maartje

      Thank you! 🙂


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