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Here you can find all my stories. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, some are full of information, some are maybe full of bullshit. Or just inspirational, entertaining, interesting, anyway… Hope you like them!


The Mongol Rally in pictures

1 crappy little car, no tools, no backup, no support, 20.000 kilometers, 17 countries, 23 breakdowns, 2 seas and 9 river crossings. The Mongol Rally! I'm still pretty proud we made it across mountains, deserts and the steppe of Europe and Asia in 33 days! Good...

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The Rickshaw Run in pictures

This summer I was working in a bar in the Netherlands where my boss asked me what was left on my bucket list? I immediately replied with: "The Rickshaw Run". He knew where I was talking about and said "let's do it"! There were a couple of drinks involved and the next...

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Why everyone should take a cruise one day

A cruise, yeah right! Why would I go on a cruise?! It’s expensive, full of old people, probably fat too. Enjoying their all inclusive buffets, stopping at places for one day.. I mean, what can you see in one day?! You don’t get to experience any local culture, you’re...

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12 days cruising amazing Antarctica

I'm back in Ushuaia and I had a trip of a lifetime, my dream came true. It has been an unbelievable experience witnessing nature at its finest. It was amazing, inspiring, magical and spectacular. Just when you think that a day can’t be topped, the next day was even...

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How to quit your job to travel the world

You would maybe never imagine if you see me now walking barefoot, no make up, salty hair, not giving a f*ck.. but I’ve always been the type that wanted to move up the corporate ladder, to manage people and be an executive in a suit high up on the totem poll. If my...

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How to start saving and stop wasting money

Changing my habits and saving money was one of the hardest things I ever did. I was addicted to shopping. Addicted to going out for dinners and drinks. Addicted to spending money. But I had my goal, I wanted to travel the world and I was willing to give up my comfy...

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Stop dreaming, make a decision

I come across so many people who say “I wish I travelled the world when I was younger” “I wish I could do what you are doing” I tell you something what I think, If you don’t do it, you don’t really, REALLY want it! I know there is an unspoken rule that we’re supposed...

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Is this it?!

The Thirty-Something Dilemma. You have everything but you're not sure if this is it!? Am I where I want to be ? Did I made the most of all my chances and opportunities? Are there more opportunities? Do I want kids, or a career, or both? Or is there maybe something...

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