Airport Freebies: Check out all the free things you can get at airports!

Airport Freebies: Check out all the free things you can get at airports!

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You’ve booked your trip… You’re all excited to go and have your we’ll deserved vacation! But before you’re on your holiday destination, you have to go to that stressful airport. You have to get there on time, check-in and pass through security. Getting guided under pressure from one desk to the other by grumpy customs officers. Standing in line to pass the gate, to eventually sit for 10 hours confined in a pressurised can of sardines.. Nobody really likes flying… But guess what?! I do! I fly a lot and it’s the fastest way to travel over long distances. Plus it’s not that bad if you can make it less stressful and more fun by getting free things! There are so many airport freebies! Let me tell you my secrets…



If there is no free internet, or if it is really slow… Go to one of the VIP lounges and ask a question like “How much is it to get in here?” “Can you use your facilities without having a, for example DELTA lounge pass!?” Act stupid. 99% of the time the password of the internet is somewhere visible. They don’t want everybody to ask for the password, so it will be there somewhere… If you have a good memory, you got your first airport freebies! Free internet for the rest of your stay. You maybe have to sit in front of the lounge but aye… Free WiFi!

Before you go through all this, travellers, like me, already did it for you at a lot of airports… Check out this map and find if your airport is listed… 🙂




If you have an early flight, or not even that early but the accommodation in the place where you are is just really expensive, go to the airport the night before and sleep at the airport. You’re not the only one, more and more people do it! Just be prepared and know where to go.. There is a website to get more information and possibilities to sleep in different airports. Check it out!

What to bring? Warm clothes, a padlock for your bag, music, an alarm clock/phone (really important!), snacks and water.
Where to go? Check if there are free lounges, if not, you can wait till restaurants are closed and sleep on their soft couches. If that’s not possible take the chairs with no arm rest, and if that’s not possible, the floor is your friend! 🙂

sleeping airport



Long layover or just early on the airport for the free sleep and other airport freebies…?! Some airports offer free tours! Or there are in-airport movie theatres, shopping centres, musea, musicals, gardens, all… for FREE!

The airports I know of that offer free tours are Singapore Changi Airport, my favourite! I spent there once 2 days!! They offer tours to Chinatown, Little India, Gardens by the Bay, The Esplanade, and Marina Bay Waterfront! You can also take a garden walk in any of the 5 gardens in the airport, including a butterfly garden. I mean… Really?! And.. Free movies in the different movie theatres! To top it all off… They also have the world’s tallest slide! I think if you spent a small amount in one of the shops you can also take that one for free!

Incheon Intl Airport in Seoul offers tours to The oceanside Haedon Yonggungsa Temple, Incheon Grand Bridge, Shinpo Market, Namsangol Hanok Village, and Gyeongbokgung Palace and in the airport they also have beautiful gardens, art and musical performances! Tokyo, Japan (Tokyo Narita Airport) and Istanbul also offer free or nearly free tours! Just go to the front desk and ASK!

airport fun



If your flight is changed and you are stuck in the airport for five hours, this is THE time to get some airport freebies! Go to the front desk! Most of the time, if you say you’re stuck in the airport, confirm a flight change and possibly say you are a poor, college student, they will give you a voucher for free food. And what is better than free food? 🙂

When you’re IN the plane, and you’re still hungry after your meal, you can ask for another one! They always have more! You can do that with wine too, if it’s included.. Why only during dinner?! Ha!



Okay, this one is not so excited but still… I’ll add it to the airport freebies! You can’t go through security with liquids but you can take your VAPUR WATER BOTTLE or other empty water bottle with you. After the security you can fill it up again with tap water (not recommend everywhere). If the tap water is not drinkable they most of the time have water fountains. Saves you paying for an expensive bottle of Fiji water at the airport.



You’ve got a better chance of upgrading to business or first class by booking a flight on bank holidays or other times of the year when business users are less likely to fly. You can try to get this airport freebie at the check in (it helps if you’re the first one), or when you’re already in the plane/ flying. For example when your tv screen is not working or your neighbour is snoring and you really need your sleep… Also dress properly. They would never put someone in business or first class if you look like you’re homeless. Ways to get it…

Get mad – If you’re overbooked, or changed to another flight or whatever reason, get mad. If they have place for people to upgrade they will, I mean… Everyone wants their customers happy!
Get sad – Tears of a drama queen work, either out of sympathy or to get you away from the other passengers. It doesn’t matter, as long as you get the upgrade! 😉
Be nice – Kindness pays, always… And use your charms, asking for an upgrade can’t do harm. My mom always told me you have a no, and you can get a yes. They can at least give you free wine and snacks!

One of the best airport freebies you can get! Look at me drinking champagne on seat 1A, jup… First Class! And did I pay for it? Nope!




Helicopter flights over cities are really expensive but oh so amazing! But why book an expensive helicopter flight over for example Rio, while you can also book your flight out of the city in the day time?! Figure out which side of the plane you need to sit and have the best view… for FREE! I often consider flying instead of bussing for this reason, maybe you pay a little more for the flight but you are faster and some views over cities/ mountains/ oceans are just not to be missed!




Don’t try to be the first one in the plane… I don’t get those people who’re standing in line to get on the plane?! Even when the gate is still closed?! Really…. WHYYYY?! They don’t go away without you. Just sit down and relax, keep an eye on the line and pop in when the last one is going. Even if you don’t keep an eye on the line, if you decide to chill in one of the lovely massage chairs (they’re the best, even when you don’t put money in for the massage, they’re really comfy!). Then, keep your ears open for your name! They call your name at least three times! You have assigned a place to sit when you checked in, and there is no one who can take it away from you! Trust me…

Also… It’s your last chance to relative comfort. You will soon sit for 10 hours confined in a pressurised can of sardines, and…. you’re not even faster?!

Anyway, try to be the last one on the plane for…. FREE SEATS! Walk all the way to the end of the plane. Most of the time the plane is not fully booked, and if it is not fully booked, the last rows are free. Because you’re the last one on the plane, you know they’re free! Whoop Whoop! You now got yourself a whole row! Free seats, free sleep, free comfort, happy flying! 🙂

free seats



Get your airport freebies!

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