I guess you want to know what this is all about? Congratulations, you have come to the right place! Get a drink and enjoy reading. I’m Maartje, the girl behind ‘Wanderlicious’ and I’m happy to share valuable tips, beautiful photos and my personal stories with you. I hope you’ll get inspired and start packing your bag soon… 🙂

I quit my job as a projectmanager in 2012 and been traveling and living abroad ever since. I’m totally loving my life as a fulltime traveller and if you scroll down a bit you’ll find a summary from all my travels since my first one way ticket to Mexico.. If you wanna know more about me, go to my about or read my stories!

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“Travelling it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller…” – Ibn Battuta




2012: Central & South America

I booked a one way ticket to MEXICO and dove in the Cenottes and the Maya Culture, went to the Blue-hole, sailed the 2nd biggest reef in the world and slept on deserted islands in BELIZE. Discovered GUATEMALA, saw an volcano-eruption and learned Spanish, went to HONDURAS and made lifetime friends while partying and working as a Divemaster, I also opened a bar for 1 night and swum with wild dolphins. Surfed, partied and volcano-board in NICARAGUA. Lived for a while, improved my Spanish and experienced an earthquake in COSTA RICA. Saw whale-sharks while diving in PANAMA. Sailed through the San Blas islands to COLOMBIA. Went paragliding, salsa dancing, dessert hiking, volunteering and flew to the GALAPAGOS Islands where I was surrounded by turtles, hammerhead-sharks, dolphins, seals and iguana’s for a month. Flew to ECUADOR to party on the coast and mountain biking in the mountains. In PERU I partied hard while working in a bar, saw the qualification match Peru against Ecuador for the World Cup, went sand-boarding and zip lined, biked, raft and climbed the Machu Pichu.

2013: Europe, SEA & Australia

Flew to SPAIN for Tapas and Sangria. Went to FRANCE to chill on the beach before going back to the NETHERLANDS for 3 weeks. Continued by going to the biggest street party in the world, Nothing Hill Carnival in ENGLAND. Checked out temples in SRI LANKA, partied and had some amazing diving in INDONESIA. After one wild night in SINGAPORE, I met up with friends and penetrated the WW II wreck’s in beautiful PHILIPPINES. Went for the 8th time to THAILAND to get a new passport and visa’s, saw some beautiful sunsets and rises over temples in MYANMAR. Chilled on paradise islands in MALAYSIA. Met up with friends, road-tripped, hand-glide and worked in AUSTRALIA.

2014: Central America & USA

Couch-surfed and explored different states in the USA. Visit friends and witnessed a blood-moon eclipse in MEXICO. Went back to Utila, HONDURAS and became a scuba dive instructor.

2015: Europe, Middle East & Asia

Went for a Sunday Funday poolcrawl to NICARAGUA. Visit a friend in EL SALVADOR. Flew first class to the USA and added some new states to the list. Flew back to the NETHERLANDS and FRANCE to visit family and friends. Booked a ticket to ISRAEL, partied in Tel Aviv, dove in the red sea and floated in the dead one. Felt unsafe in JORDAN but added a new world wonder (Petra) to the list. Flew to HUNGARY and chilled in the Thermal baths in Budapest. Discovered SLOVENIA’s beauty, island hopped and chased waterfalls in CROATIA and did the same in GREECE. Met amazing locals in KOSOVO, saw hundreds of statues in MACEDONIA, hundreds of bunkers in ALBANIA and discovered beautiful beaches and cities in MONTENEGRO. Got to know a lot more about the war in BOSNIA, flew back to the NETHERLANDS to get my Russian visa and flew to ENGLAND.

In England I hopped in a car with 3 strangers to participate in the MONGOL RALLY. Drove across Europe and through the rest of the balkan countries, I didn’t saw before. Took a balloon ride over Cappadocia in TURKEY, drove through beautiful GEORGIA and visited a long lost friend in ARMENIA. In AZERBAIJAN we took a cargo ship crossing the Caspian Sea into KAZAKHSTAN. Broke down for the first time and met some amazing locals, a quick stop in RUSSIA brought us into MONGOLIA where we crossed rivers, broke down for twenty more times but survived. Back to RUSSIA where I took a flight to SOUTH KOREA. From amazing BBQ’s in SK to Sushi in crazy JAPAN. Flew to THAILAND to work a month as a dive instructor. Flew to DENMARK to visit a friend, back to the NETHERLANDS to repack my bag and flew to SPAIN to hop on a cruise ship to cross the Atlantic Ocean into BRAZIL.

2016: South America, Antarctica & Europe

Discovered the amazing beaches and celebrated New Years Eve and Carnival in Rio before heading into URUGUAY for more beaches. Then I made my way into ARGENTINA for wine and steak. My dream came true in ANTARCTICA where I got to cuddle penguins. In CHILE I climbed several mountains and went through the desert to the Salar de Uyuni in BOLIVIA. Then took a 100 hour bus to COLOMBIA to hop on a boat to ST. MAARTEN and as destination PORTUGAL. Flew to my parents in FRANCE, traveled through BELGIUM back to the NETHERLANDS to try to ‘settle down’…

I Quit my IT job after 1 month again. Realised that working in the IT really wasn’t my thing anymore. I worked for 5 months in a bar to spent some quality time with friends and family and left after celebrating NYE and Xmas the Netherlands again…

2017: Middle East, Asia & Africa

This time with a one way ticket to EGYPT, where I explored this beautiful country with mysterious temples, pyramids and tombs and found paradise in Dahab, a place where I can dive and work on my website. In March I went with a layover in DUBAI to India where I first traveled around, checked out the Taj Mahal and did this epic adventure what is called THE RICKSHAW RUN! A 3000 km rally in a Rickshaw crossing INDIA.. After that it was time for a change and this brought me to SOUTH AFRICA.



Living my dream and inspire you to live yours..